Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Sorry it’s taken so long to get this newsletter out, but circumstances and holidays have got in the way.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a great 2020.

Friday 29 November 2019 was Black Friday, one of those days when everyone rushes out for a bargain and clogs the town up with vehicles, all queuing to get in and out of car parks attached to shopping outlets.

Black Friday was indeed a relevant name for the day as far as we were concerned, as I started off the day with a heavy nosebleed and the need to contact the emergency health number and speak to a nurse who advised going to hospital.  However, I decided we had far too much to do, visiting several stores to change the delivery date of appliances as our  moving date into 18 St Mary’s Walk had to be changed from the beginning of the week until 28 November as well as preparing the our meeting.  We just about did it all, but my nose bleeding began again at the start of the meeting and thankfully Cynthia was able to take over. 

We had a change of venue this month as St Mary’s Christmas Fayre was being held the next day and they needed to prepare, but the Methodist Hall proved quite adequate and I think everyone who intended coming found their way there.

Food for the party was provided by Meryl White who produced cakes and biscuits from bygone days and Cynthia brought some appropriate cordials as alcohol is not allowed on Methodist premises.

We then had a few photos of babies or children (of those present) to see if anyone could guess who they were (not very successfully) and a pass the parcel which took us back to our own parties as children.  A quiz was also completed, but with varying degrees of cheating and fishing for clues going on.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon with lots of laughs along the way as usual.


This was our first meeting of the new year and I had to admit that I had done very little preparation for it as we were just back from holiday and had to face the prospect of sorting our temporary home out.   Fortunately Cynthia and I had had a long chat about it a few days before and so we had a few ideas to work with.

Cynthia reminded everyone that our planned end date for the project was April 2020 and that we should establish what there was left to do and make plans accordingly.   A list had been produced, which was circulated to everyone there, and which is reproduced below for those who weren’t.

1.      Transcribe a few interviews/meetings which have already been done for summarising and gleaning good information for the book. (Liz)

2.      Complete interviews with the Burleys (Liz), Watsons (Liz), Arthur Radford (Liz), the
Williamsons (Cynthia and Liz), Philip Hardy and Cynthia (Eunice), and Phil Cunningham (?). 

Anyone within the project who hasn’t been interviewed and would like to be included should let me know or simply submit a short family history with the main highlights and anecdotes included.

3.      Make a basic plan of the old part of the of the village in the 1950s, from the Lodge House to the Station House and Lower Sprotbrough, with the corresponding list of family names.  (Arthur?)

4.      Submit good quality family photos (jpegs), including g/parents, parents and children if possible.

5.      Submit good quality photos (jpegs), depicting village life as it happened, eg farming, events, etc

6.      Take individual or group photos of all participants, involved in the project, including dates of birth, so that we can put them in the book.

7.      Obtain permission from Orchard School for their Copley Medal project to be included in the book.

Anyone who can help with any of the requirements listed above should get in touch with me as soon as possible or bring them along to the next meeting.

The next meeting will be on Friday 28 February, a very special day as it happens, so we hope to see you all there. 


Tel: 01302 313030


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