Friday, June 7, 2019


It was good to see you all again on 31 May and I must say I thought the meeting went very well.  I really enjoyed the feedback on clothing and modes of transport.  If you can remember, perhaps you can write down some of things we talked about that!

I have to report that we managed to obtain a grant of £300 from DMBC.  Only about a third of what we asked for, but at least we were able to pay the room hire for three months and I am due to receive a recorder and a few other bits and pieces next week.

We have also applied to Healthwatch for another £500 so keep your fingers crossed and we will be able to continue meeting in either the Church Hall or The Stables for a few more months with a clear conscience.

These small grants will not pay for a book, of course, so we have to keep thinking of how we might fund that.

One of the things I still hope to do is create a model of some kind of the village as it was in 1925, with the names of residents, and perhaps one c.1965 as well.  This doesn’t have to be a model as such, but could be a well-drawn plan which could be folded up more easily for storage.  If anyone is able to create such a thing that would be great. 

I have begun writing the book and, although it may change as time goes on, have done about 10,000 words so far.  I am now at the stage where I am getting down to the oral histories that you are providing.  Several of these have been done already, it is just a matter of how we order them in the book.  So far, I have begun with some of the early families, ie those that were here by 1925 and still have relatives living in the village.  So far, I believe the Dent family was the earliest one, but I am told there may be another even earlier so await information on that.

I also have the Middletons and the Morrises (my relatives), but the Days were also here very early so they are on my list.  If anyone knows anyone who can tell me about any other very early family, ie arriving from the 1900s, that would be great, but I think they are probably few and far between.

I will then go on to those who arrived because of the sale of the estate.

After that, there will be all the different topics we have talked or written about so far.  I’m not sure yet if these fit into decades or should be just related as topics.  Some things do fit into decades, but others relate to several.  I will have to see how it works out I think.

I guess I should make 20,000 words by the end of it and will need appropriate photos too.

NEXT MEETING – Friday 28 June 2019 at 2.30 pm
At the end of the last meeting, we decided the next topic should be Births, Marriages and Deaths, so I thought health issues experienced and the different rituals surrounding them would be interesting.  So I hope to see you all then and that you will come prepared with all your stories.



I believe someone left a notebook behind at one of our early meetings.  It is bright pink with coloured hearts on the cover and contains photos of children.  If anyone recognises it, will they please contact me.  Thanks.

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